Our Union in Action!

By having a Union you have the ability to join together and demand fairness at work. These folks did it and won. Let’s keep going!

  • A worker in the plastics industry was at risk of losing his seniority, his benefits and possibly his job. By working with his Union Rep he fought back and not only kept his job but protected the union benefits he had earned through 25 years of contracts!
  • A manufacturer was closing and being bought by a non-union company. Through the work of the leaders in the shop, working with their Union Rep, they not only kept their Union, they kept their pension!
  • A worker in a large retail chain had been singled out for discipline under an unfairly applied policy. She faced job loss and months of medical bills. Fighting both against the policy and its implementation, the Union filed for arbitration. Before the case went all the way to court, the company agreed to undo the discipline. The worker said that the only thing that kept her going during this time was knowing that the Union had her back!
  • Finishing up contract bargaining at a textile manufacturing company, a leader proudly stated that this was the best economic package they had ever won.
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