Members at Duane Reade Take Action and WIN!

This week, members at a Duane Reade in Brooklyn took action to demand a safer workplace and WON!

The company was requiring members to carry heavy totes of merchandise up a steep and narrow staircase. Members were concerned about potential accidents and the physical toll of this task so they decided to take action. They organized a petition to demand a safe working environment and the company responded by changing the whole structure of the store. There will now be a storage room on the first floor where all merchandise will be kept, so workers will no longer have to carry heavy totes of merchandise from the basement to the first floor.

This is another example of when workers organize, they WIN!

Duane Reade members Reni, Saleem, and Steve took action to demand a safer work environment.
The dangerous staircase
Julio, a leader on our Executive Board and Photo Tech at Duane Reade, helped members organize around improving safety conditions at work and WIN!
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