58 Rank-and-File Labor Candidates Are on the Ballot in NJ!

Message from the NJ State AFL-CIO:

In New Jersey this year, 58 rank-and-file union members have answered Labor’s call and are running for election to public office across our state as Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. These union brothers and sisters  share our values and are committed to improving the lives of working families.
They will fight for your rights! The right to organize and join together in a union.  The right to a first contract, a voice at work and a safe workplace.  The right to paid family leave, earned sick days, accessible and affordable healthcare, and retirement security.  The right to a quality education for our children and the right to vote.  They support project labor agreements and oppose privatization.  They fight for an economy that works for all. 
For list of  58 endorsed labor candidates visit www.njunionstrong.com
As recent elections have demonstrated, it is important that union members vote early. Voting begins on September 23 when ballots will be mailed to voters on the permanent vote-by-mail rolls. Voter Registration deadline is October 17. A vote-by-mail application must be received by October 31.  Early in-person voting will take place October 28 through November 5.  Election Day is November 7. To register, apply for a VBM ballot, and more, visit www.njunionstrong.com.

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