May 3, 2022

New York, NY – On the heels of the union victories at the NYC Starbucks Reserve Roastery and at Astor Place in April, three more stores in the NYC Metro area were successful in their union elections today. Massapequa became the first Starbucks on Long Island to unionize with a vote count of 19 to 8. Caesar’s Bay became the first Starbucks in Brooklyn to unionize with a clean sweep of 17 to 0. The union will file objections to the results of the Great Neck election due to the very intense union busting campaign the workers have faced. There have been 22 Unfair Labor Practice allegations filed against the location on behalf of unionizing workers. The vote count was 5 to 6 against the union.

With today’s elections, the total number of Starbucks union petitions in downstate NY stands at eleven (with four victories, and six pending elections), and more than 250 nation-wide. As of today there are more than 50 unionized Starbucks across the country.

From the partners:

“This union is for us, and every current and former Starbucks partner in Brooklyn. I have become a better person because of my relationships with my partners. Our union is a reflection of these relationships, and Starbucks will become a better company because of it.” Megan DiMotta, partner of 11 years, Ceasar’s Bay (Brooklyn)

“To have a union means to have a voice when you’re not heard, a chance for action where your efforts are not meaningless, and to have to power to stand up for what is right not only for not only for you but for every partner beside you.” – Elizabeth Kurchak, Caesar’s Bay (Brooklyn)

“It means absolutely everything to me to be part of this movement. I am constantly worried about the state of the world and where the future of this country is headed, so to be able to be part of the labor movement and to be actively making people’s lives better makes me feel like maybe everything isn’t so terrible. I’m so glad that working class people are getting together and making changes, it’s what we all deserve. I hope that we all continue to inspire others.” – ToniAnn Buscemi, Massapequa (Long


About: Starbucks Workers United is a union of Stabucks Workers, by Starbucks Workers, for Starbucks Workers, organizing with the support of Workers United.

Twitter / Instagram / Facebook: @SBWorkersUnited @WorkersUnitedNY

Across the country Starbucks has relied on retaliatory practices to intimidate partners. Starbucks has temporarily closed stores that were seeking to unionize in Buffalo, as well as fired union leaders there. They also fired the “Memphis Seven,” a group of partners seeking to unionize their store in Tennessee, in retaliation for their union organizing. The company has continued to refuse to sign the Fair Election Principles which shows a lack of commitment to neutrality towards the organizing workers, and they have contracted with notorious union-busting law firm Littler Mendelson. Workers United has filed more than 80 Unfair Labor Practice charges on behalf of organizing Starbucks partners across the country.

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