Your Rights at Work

Your Rights at Work

Whether you are organizing the union for the first time or already working under contract, YOU HAVE RIGHTS AT WORK!

Here’s a quick guide to your rights including:

  • Your right to form a union
  • Your right to union representation (“Weingarten Rights”)
  • Your right to fairness at work (Seven Principles of Just Cause)


You have the right to form a union at work.  It’s illegal for your employer to intimidate, discriminate, or otherwise interfere with your decision.

Management CANNOT:

  1. Threaten to fire, discharge, or punish you for engaging in union activity.
  2. Change your work assignments, your work environment, or working conditions with the intention of firing you based on your support for unionization.
  3. Give special favors or concessions to employees who speak out against the union, and they cannot promise promotions to employees who initially support and then oppose forming a union.
  4. Prevent union representatives from talking with employees during non-working hours.
  5. Ask about confidential union matters, including union meetings, union representatives, or the union itself.
  6. Ask you whether or not you belong to a union or actively support forming a union.
  7. Threaten or coerce you in an attempt to influence your union support.
  8. Make threats regarding the discontinuation of benefits, wages, vacations, or job security should you and your fellow employees form a union.