Hello, I am Fred Rush, Vice-President of the Workers United Retirees Association. I was a member of the New York/New Jersey Joint Board and retired from Johnson & Johnson in 2005. When I retired, I stayed with my union and became a member of the Workers United Retirees Association. I am proud to report that Workers United retired members are organizing retiree chapters all over the nation and Canada.

Retirees are standing is solidarity with workers to win the fight for $15 and stop the TPP, Trans -Pacific Partnership, a trade agreement that will take jobs overseas and will increase prescription drug prices. In addition to fighting to ensure that there are no cuts to Social Security and Medicare. We invite all the retirees from our Joint Board to join us to secure a better future for all seniors and working families. If you know anyone that has retired from our union please ask them to give Yadhira Alvarez our Retiree Director a call (917-208-3749) or email (

The Workers United Retirees Association also host pre-retirement workshop at your workplace to prepare your members for retirement. These are some of the questions they help answer:

-What benefits am I entitled to once I retire?

-Am I eligible for the pension? If so, how do I apply?

-What is the Senior Health Insurance Program?


If you would like to plan a pre-retirement workshop please contact Yadhira Alvarez by phone (917-208-3749) or email (

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