About Us

Welcome to your union. Welcome to the New York-New Jersey Regional Joint Board.


Working people in New York City stand together at the New York-New Jersey Regional Joint Board to protect our rights and ensure dignity and respect in the workplace.

Our membership reflects our city. We come from nearly every continent and speak many languages but we share a common goal and we stick together to achieve it. We fight for justice in the workplace and in our communities.

Our retirees, who enjoy the fruits of their long careers, can talk for hours about what a game changer for working people the union is. Now, they pass that experience to the younger generations, making sure that today’s New Yorkers know that we can get better pay, decent benefits and the respect we deserve by sticking together and forming our union in the workplace. The New York-New Jersey Regional Joint Board is here to help you form your union!

The New York-New Jersey Regional Joint Board has its roots at the historic International Ladies Garment Workers’ Union. From those brave women at the clothing factories to the equally brave nail salon workers currently coming together, working people have found here a safe space to build worker power. New York nail salon workers will soon join thousands of working families in the retail, manufacturing and garment industries standing for dignity and justice.


If you feel discriminated or your rights are not respected in the workplace, it’s time to join together with your co-workers and form a union. For more information about how we can help you and your co-workers, contact us.