November 2013

Brooks Brothers Members Ratify Contract

Joint Board Members at Madison Avenue store.

By a vote of 205 to 24, Local 340 members at Brooks Brothers have overwhelmingly approved the proposed contract. Voting on the contract took place on-site over two days, November 20th and 21st. The new contract will be retroactive to April 1, 2013 and will expire on March 31, 2017.

The approval of the proposed contract follows many months of sometimes grueling negotiations and compromise on both sides.

This contract includes wage and commission increases, continued participation in the Union health and pension plans, a reduction to 80% in the productivity standard and no change in the Recognition language which has been in the contract for many years. Our members and committee were united in their opposition to the Company’s insistence on changing the language.

The Local 340 Bargaining Committee – Alex Hago, Ian Murtaugh, Jerry Fitzgerald, Kathy Waldman, Lisa Tricomi, Adzela Maglione, Robert Diamond, Anibal Jesus, Pam Brown, Sal Rodriguez, Michael McGonagle, Matt Everett, Angel Ortiz, Wilson Sanchez, Cristina Marra, Deanna Tinglin, Marie Valouch, Mark Coates, Marvin May, Rafael Liriano, Sara Scala, William Jacoby, Yvonne Mendez have put in many, many long days of work and deserve our appreciation and thanks.

In addition, we want to thank the members of Local 25 (Fitters & Tailors) and Locals 250 & 253 (Tie Shop) for their solidarity and support.

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