April 2013

Arbitrator Orders Brooks Brothers to Recognize the Union

On April 10, a New York arbitrator ordered Brooks Brothers to recognize the Union at its store at 2381 Broadway.   The decision comes after a drawn out legal battle in which the company violated the contract and ignored the will of the workers.

In December 2012, workers from that Broadway location presented a petition requesting that the company come to the table to bargain.  The company refused.  Instead, according to workers, they launched an anti-union campaign inside the store, spreading misinformation about the union and its supporters, all the while doing whatever they could to prolong the legal matter.

Yet, in a clear victory for the Union, the arbitrator has now ordered Brooks Brothers to follow through on its contractual obligations by respecting their workers and bargaining.  The decision makes it plain: when workers come together to express their interest in forming a union, the company must respect their initiative.

It’s time for Brooks Brothers to come to the table.  Our position is clear: Brooks must respect the contract and they must respect the workers.  It is so ordered.

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