October 2012

Union Solidarity at the Brooks Brothers Central Alterations Facility

We’re all in this together.

Yesterday, Workers United members from the Brooks Brothers retail stores went together to visit members in the Central Alterations facility.  Alterations members are preparing to negotiate their upcoming Union Contract.

Concetta Rizza summed up the day’s event, “It was great that the retail store workers came to visit us. Their solidarity means a lot to us. I could tell that everything they said they really meant. It shows because they would not have come if they didn’t care. The union is our foundation and the people see us growing. Our union is strong and will be together no matter what”

Members shared their issues and their commitment to one another.  It doesn’t matter whether you work in Neckwear, Alterations or Retail, our goals are the same.  We pledged that each and every contract fight is all of our fight.

Paola Posca reflected on the day, saying, “It was very nice of the retail workers to come visit us. It is good that we are coming together to be strong.”

She’s right.  After all, we’re in this together and getting a strong contract for everyone depends first of all on the success of the negotiations that go first.  That’s why it’s critical we come together now.

The strength we build today will get us a strong union contract tomorrow.  As Sara Scala, an associate from Manhasset, put it, “We all have the best interests of our customers at heart and we should feel the same way about each other.”

Click here to see all the pictures from the event.

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