August 2012

Congratulations to workers at JVK, new members of the LDFS Joint Board!

The NYNJ Regional Joint Board congratulates the newest members of the Laundry, Distribution, and Food Service Joint Board, Workers United/SEIU!

Mostly recent immigrants from South and Central America, JVK workers endured an intense anti-union campaign, but courageously voted overwhelmingly to join the LDFS Joint Board/SEIU.

JVK workers stood up for a fair, dignified, and safe workplace despite serious obstacles, including the arrest and detention of worker leader Juan Salguero. When Salguero was arrested, SEIU and its affiliates, proved through deeds that being “All In” is not an empty slogan. In spite of the fact that Salguero spent a month in jail and is still
facing deportation proceedings, JVK workers persevered and are victorious.

This victory belongs to JVK workers and to the Union as a whole. The Joint Board, the Property Services Division, Local 1199, and the SEIU were “All In To Win” this important campaign.

While the workers and the Union have achieved victories at JVK in Amityville and Superior in Freeport, the workers at JVK in New Jersey continue to fight for a voice at work. The NYNJ Regional Joint Board supports their struggle and looks forward to seeing them join their fellow laundry workers in the Union soon.

All In To Win For Industrial Laundry Workers!

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Workers win with the Joint Board at Primo Coats!

Another victory for Joint Board Members and Non-Union Workers at the New York New Jersey Joint Board, Workers United a/w SEIU!

Over the last year, workers at Tovi, Tovi Bespoke LLC (Primo Coats) have been denied access to healthcare, guaranteed pay raises, fair workloads, and simply joining a union.

At the same time, the owner kept health care contributions, union dues, and scholarship donations to himself for his own personal use.

Workplace leaders said no more!  Through a series of united efforts, including a work stoppage and legal action, the NYNJ Regional Joint Board members joined together with formerly non-union workers to force the owner to pay back everything that he had kept for himself.  Congratulations to leaders, members, and new members at Primo Coats!

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