Student Debt hits $1 trillion

Today student debt reached over ONE TRILLION DOLLARS.  While incomes and opportunities for recent graduates are on the decline, tuition costs are on the rise.  Raising interest rates on students right now would not only have disastrous consequences for students but for the economy as a whole.  Money spent paying back debt is money that cannot be invested in our country’s future, as this generation of students will find it harder and harder to buy homes for their families, care for their aging parents, save for their children’s education, or to start businesses of their own.

It doesn’t have to be this way.  Congress has the power to ensure that student loans remain an affordable way to keep college possible for the middle class.  And the people have the responsibility to hold congress accountable!

On April 25, students, graduates, and parents poured into the streets to let the politicians know where we stand.

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