February 2012

Stand with JVK Workers!

JVK Operations is an industrial laundry company that launders sheets, scrubs, and other soiled linens for hospitals in the New York area.  JVK pays sweatshop wages, has operated for years without providing health insurance, and has allegedly pocketed extraordinary amounts of workers’ wages by not paying overtime properly.

Now JVK workers are uniting together to fight for their rights.  At the same time, JVK management has come under investigation for numerous, repeated violations of workers rights.  Yet many hospitals and organizations continue to do business with this abusive company.

Stand with JVK workers today by asking Catholic Health Services of Long Island, one of JVK’s biggest customers which operates more than a dozen hospitals and health care facilities, to STOP SUPPORTING THIS SWEATSHOP LAUNDRY!

Click on the link below to sign the petition:

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14 Minutes for the 14 Million Unemployed


March 6, 2012

8:14 amActivists and supporters hold up pink slips along Broadway during the 2006 "The Line" action.

Workers United members will stand in The Line with the unemployed.  Get the word and out and let our elected officials know: UNION WORKERS STAND WITH THE UNEMPLOYED!  We won’t keep silent while our brothers and sisters are marginalized!

Details to come. For more information, go to: http://theline2012.wordpress.com/

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